“Crackin’ Cancer” is a community funded, community focused, fundraising organisation dedicated to the defeat of cancer by
helping to crack the codes of cancer.   Crackin' Cancer does this by raising much needed funds for research.

Crackin' Cancer is approved by and works in conjunction with the Cancer Council of  NSW - read this article.

Committee Members:

President: Marshal Fittler      Vice President: Laurie Cooper      Medical Advisor: Dr. Sue Page      Social Media/Web Design: Leigh Warren

Additional Committee Positions:

Secretary:   Beverley Stanton
Treasurer: Sara Mitchell

Director Events & Functions:   Dr. Sue Page
Manager Events & Functions:   Kerry Franklin
Co-Ordinator Events & Functions:   Sara Mitchell
Co-Ordinator Events & Functions:   Beverley Stanton
Co-Ordinater Events & Functions:   John Bigalow

Director Fundraising:   Debbie Smith

Manager Entertainment & Communications:   Country Artist Leigh Warren (Crackin' Cancer song)

“Crackin’ Cancer” is a community organisation determined to help reduce cancer fatalities.   To do this, we need to raise the necessary funds, that our medical researcher scientists need, to continue to crack the cancer codes, so that more cancers can be cured.

Why We Do What We Do:
Sadly, cancer is on the increase and each year affects thousands of Aussie families from the coast and city to red centre and all over the world - Cancer is not racist and affects all races, creeds and colours both young and old.

Our doctors and researchers are working hard but are limited by funding.   We need you to help us raise the much needed funds that will allow them to crack more of those elusive cancer codes.   Appropriately funding our medical researchers, will allow us to win more battles in this critical war and do so sooner, rather than later.
Crackin' Cancer
"Help us help them, help to crack the code,
Cause cancer affects us one and all,
I’m not asking for a miracle, just a light to shine the road,
Please help, in crackin’ the cancer code"
From the song Crackin' Cancer © Leigh Warren available on iTunes
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